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Flashlight Friend Review: Your Cuddly Friend At Night

Looking for the perfect buddy for your kids at night? Then, Flashlight Friends can be a perfect choice. It is a product that features a soft and cuddly animal with a built-in LED light, which acts as a flashlight,  that will keep your child feel safe, especially when they are in a dark environment. Flashlight friend is a great for story time and sleep overs.

Flashlight Friend Features

Your child will never have to be afraid of the dark anymore. With the special features of this product, they will never have to cry in the middle of the night just because they thought they saw something out of their window. The Flashlight Friend has feature like:

  • This LED does not get HOT! - A special LED flashlight located at the center of the stuffed animal. This will keep them safe and secured at night. 
  • Last Hundreds of Hours!
  • Easy to use! - The flashlight feature is easy to use. Your child has to tap the light and it will turn on. Tapping the light again will make it turn off.
  • Auto Off Feature! - Don't waste any batteries leaving these toys on. The flashlight friend has 10 minute auto-off feature that can allow you and your child to rest comfortably, without having to worry about the product to waste battery while you and your child are sound asleep.
  • Choose your favorite out of 6 designs! The product comes in different designs and colors that your child will surely enjoy.
  • Each Flashlight Friend can be purchased for only $19.99 + PH. Learn More...

How Does Flashlight Friend Work?

Basically, the flashlight friend looks like an ordinary cuddly toy. But the difference is that it can turn into a flashlight that can be used during sleepovers, story time and night games. The good thing about this product is that is never gets hot and comes with a timer that can be used to shut off the light every 10 mins. It has a toggle that can be used in turning it on and off easily even in the dark. The product has been created to provide children confidence and helps in encouraging them to sleep all by themselves.


Not only do they make great gifts but they're functional too!

When it comes to sleeping or walking alone in the dark, the Flashlight Friend can help children build their confidence. Children who have fear in the dark will never have to worry about traveling in the dark. They will take it as a fun adventure that is normal for those of their age. For children who wake up in the middle of the night because of a terrible nightmare, the Flashlight Friend is their perfect companion because it acts as a cuddly stuffed toy that they can hug to sleep.

Now, with a cuddly Flashlight Friend, organizing and joining camp outs and sleep overs will never a problem. You are well assured that your child will enjoy the activity because they have a fun and cuddly companion with them.

In my attempt to give good honest reviews I have to ask people who have purchased this product:
Are there any Flashlight Friends Complaints?
Are the stuffed animal flashlights good as toys?
Is this toy flashlight suitable for infants or babies?
Is the as seen on tv product also by the makers of dutch glow polish (dutchglow.blogspot.com)?

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